Land Development


Whether you are interested in subdividing, re-zoning, or fully developing your land, the services offered by Bogart, Pederson & Associates Inc. can help implement your property plans. As local land owners, we take pride in helping fellow land owners meet and exceed their goals.

Don't get caught off-guard during your land development project. Bogart, Pederson & Associates Inc. understands what your project needs to be successful - whether you are looking to develop residential or commercial land.


There are times when your land development can be met with roadblocks, but that doesn't mean your project needs to derail. It's not complicated with our team navigating the requirements of your project. 

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• Feasibility plan consultation
• Attending government meetings
• Resolution of boundary issues
• Topographic surveys
• Environmental concern management
• Construction assistance & bidding
• Project Management

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Experience for success

Trust your land development to the firm with over 100 years of industry experience and the specialized knowledge of the area to lead your project to success.   We have successfully guided land development projects from concept to construction for nearly 20 years in Central Minnesota and the northwest Twin City metro area.

Enjoy our friendly, conversational approach to your land development project!

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